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An einem Sonntag im August

Considered almost an institution in Prenzlauer Berg, An Einem Sonntag im August is a casual hangout operating as a cafe and bar… however, in addition to their laid back vibes its their INCREDIBLE veggies burgers that get us really excited every time we’re by Eberswalder Strasse! We popped a few questions to owner Claudia-Maria Humeniuk to find out how the place came to be..

First off, are we right to assume, you came up with the cafe-bar name whilst actually thinking of names on a Sunday in August?

This question is easy to answer: we had a concept written by two young mothers with a lot of really child-friendly and feminine ideas, so we needed a name that captures all of those ideas. So we went to the funny “Bar by Andy”, had a few drinks and in the end we put everything in this nice title.

Funnily enough – as it was the late 1990s – most people heard the name “An einem Sonntag im August” and thought we would open a kindergarden or something similar!

When hanging out in An einem Sonntag im August, there’s a certain casual vibe we feel most other places can’t replicate – what was your thinking behind the design?

We tried to create a good family spirit, the “Sonntagsgeist” which put together this mix of all the crazy ideas we had in mind – basically all the things that would make us really happy on a Sunday in August.

We think your (legendary!) veggie burgers are the BEST veggies burgers in Berlin. How do you make them so good?

People seem to think it’s just a PR story we tell, but it’s honestly true that I was searching for the best recipes for sooo long. I did so many different tests in our kitchen – trying different burger patties as well as lots of different buns – and then in the end we had this huge “veggie-burger-decision-eating”-event in my mother’s kitchen, together with parents, sisters, brother-in-laws and of course all the kids. Everyone was given an equal vote and we found our perfect veggie burgers!

However, we are always open to suggestions from our customers so we can have a few different options from time to time.

What’s the most popular veggie burger?

The customers’ favourite is definitely The Somerset Blues Burger which comes with Cheddar and pickled cucumber

But our favourite is Elvis’ Favourite Dream Burger. It comes with peanut butter, fried banana and lime mayo – so good!!

What else do you notice customers love at An einem Sonntag im August?

Our guests rarely complain about our coffee, so I guess that’s pretty good!

They also really love the view onto Kastanienallee,  which is perfect for people-watching or listening to the occasional street musicians.

Especially with some lovely sunshine coming through in the afternoon it’s such a great atmosphere, sitting on the swing and watching the world go by.

You’re not a stranger to the café-bar business, also owning popular 24-hour Rosenthaler Strasse bar ‘Mein Haus am See’. So, having built up two good businesses what tips for success would you give to aspiring bar owners?

Be crazy & precise.

Be brave & poetic.

Be a hardworking & tough manager, but at the same time a friendly host, who is always interested in the people who visit your place.

Both bars you own are located at busy stations – just how important (or unimportant) has this been to your popularity?

To be honest, it really isn’t the most important point, but of course it helps to have good foot traffic.

The hospitality business in Berlin is changing fast these days. How do you feel the city is different from 10 years ago and what challenges does this bring?

For us the most important changes in the last ten years have really been the smoking ban in gastronomy and the challenge of sustainability, as well as the ever growing demand for high quality products, which is something we are always thinking about and are trying to improve on a daily basis.

Where do you like to eat, drink and relax in Berlin?

We love to eat at Hallmann & Klee and Delizie D’ Italia.

For a drink you’ll find us at Cosmic Kaspar and Zum Starken August

To simply unwind and relax Monbijou Park is our favourite spot in Berlin.

Complete the following sentence ‘ For me, Berlin is…”

…the most flavoured part of my soul.

Don’t miss popping to An einem Sonntag im August next time you’re in Prenzlauer Berg… but don’t forget to try the veggies burgers- they’re incredible!


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