C\V Corvera Vargas

Set up as a showroom in the heart of Neukölln by very talented Bolivian designer Maria Corvera Vargas, C\V Studio Berlin stocks her beautiful garments, which with their attractive cuts & simple patterns are not only truly sophisticated, but are made with a high ethical ethos; using high-quality leftover fabrics from iconic brands or Fair Trade wool from Bolivia. We’ve sent a few questions to designer and owner Maria Corvera Vargas to find out more about her vision of creating gorgeous, ethical fashion in limited numbers…

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Quickly becoming a prime location for food innovators and futurists to discuss and explore the future of sustainable food culture, by day HERMANN’S is an all-day restaurant & cafe with a visionary difference, and by night a stylish event space for food-related events, panels and discussions. Not only are the lunches there absolutely delicious, but the highly-talented kitchen staff (and indeed whole team!) are very sustainable in their approach. We sent inspiring founders Verena Bahlsen and Laura Jaspers a few questions to learn more about what HERMANN’S vision is all about… Read more


Arguably the most legendary wine shop in Berlin, Viniculture has been championing biodynamic & natural wines since before most drinkers knew what they were. Owned by German-born Holger Schwarz, a former sommelier in London who took on the shop that started in 1984 and changed its whole direction towards focusing on the (then new and unknown) world of natural wines, Viniculture not only has a showroom of over 500 wines but is a highly respected supplier to many restaurants and bars all over Germany. We sent Holger Schwarz a few questions to find out more about his pioneering natural wine shop. Read more

Briefmarken Weine

Briefmarken Weine is one of our favourite winebars, because being set in a former DDR postage stamp shop it’s so romantic and charming inside! Staff are friendly and they stock excellent Italian wine, including some tasty natural wines too! In the summer you can watch the sun go down on the beautiful Karl-Marx-Allee promenade. We asked manager & sommelier Michele Scarcella a few things about the place.. Read more


Sometimes we don’t want a speciality cocktail or cool natural wine, but simply a great atmosphere with some tasty, affordable beers in a charming interior – and Zosse is exactly the place for that! Located in a former Blacksmith / Farrier’s workshop in Rixdorf and lovingly restored to keep its historic features, this bar will steal your heart with its real cosiness. We sent owner Paul Seifert some questions about how he restored it.

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The frst to bring real, Neapolitan FRIED PIZZA to Berlin, Malafritta is the spot to go to if you want to try something unusual! A typical Pizza Fritta is kind of like a calzone, but with a different style of stuffing to what you might expect – and it’s both dangerously hot (!) and also super delicious! We asked owner Emmanuele Cirillo, who is also behind the fantastic Neapolitan pizza joint Malafemmena, a few more questions about it! Read more

Tenzan Lab

Tenzan Lab are unique in Berlin (and Europe!) and simply a ‘must-see’ for dessert lovers! They craft the popular Tokyo dish called ‘Kakigori’, which is a Japanese dessert of freshly shaved ice drizzled with delicious toppings like Matcha Mascarpone, Raspberry, Tiramisu and many other delicious options. It really has to be tried to be believed, the texture is really light and it literally melts in your mouth! We sent a few questions to the owners to find out a little more…

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KLX – Koshary Lux

Unique in its concept of bringing a (genuinely great!) fusion of street food from North Africa to the Middle East to Berlin, KLX – Koshary Lux is a small but colourful restaurant in Charlottenburg that will really offer tastes you won’t easily find elsewhere. With a strong focus on organic meat products and high quality seasonings to help make your journeys through Cairo, Beirut, Tunis or Marrakesh taste as delicious as possible, owner Michael Landeck really has a strong vision in mind. We sent him a few questions to find out how a German came to fall in love so much with this cuisine and share his passion with us all…

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Geist im Glas

It’s not often a dimly-lit bar can also become super-popular for weekend brunches too, but that’s exactly what Geist Im Glas have achieved – with a cult following swarming on them to devour the huevos rancheros and the fluffiest pancakes in town, all washed down with Mimosas, Bloody Mary’s and other morning drinks. We popped a few questions to British owner Aishah Bennett to learn about how she managed to pull off this winning combo.

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Küche Bar

It’s instantly clear from the moment you enter Küche Bar that this is a cocktail space completely different from the rest in Berlin. It essentially flips the dark-walled, dimly lit & smoky Berlin cocktail scene on its head, instead dressed like a beautiful white-tiled kitchen with pots and pans to keep your eyes focused when not admiring your drink. Likewise with their menu: each drink comes with its very own food pairing and is also laid out exactly like a restaurant menu – dividing their drinks into starters, mains, desserts and more. It’s all very unique, and the concept stems from the imagination of owner Nina Zilvar, who we asked a few questions in order to find out more… Read more

Happy Baristas

We adore Happy Baristas, not just because their coffee and food is fantastic, but because the owners are so incredibly dedicated to pushing boundaries of what a coffeeshop can achieve in this day and age – essentially, they stand out from many others in striving to be MORE than a normal coffeeshop. This is shown by the fact that every single time we visit, we learn of exciting new developments they’re working on – most recently about their nitro-brewing operation and coffee cocktails! We pitched a few questions to owners Roland Lodr and Marian Plajdicko to learn a little more… Read more

To Beef or Not to Beef

One of the most exciting restaurants for meat in the city, To Beef or Not To Beef have a strong Italian ethic, most famously for being one of a few restaurants worldwide to offer famed 8th generation Tuscan butcher Dario Cecchini’s legendary beef. This is the place to try the Bistecca alla Fiorentina, a traditionally Tuscan, large T-bone cut finished with olive oil! We asked restaurant owner Giacomo Mannucci a few questions about his restaurant and philosophy.

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Rocket Wine

By far our favourite wineshop in Mitte, Rocket Wine specialises in low-intervention / natural wines, and as an importer to some of Berlin’s best bars and restaurants too, French-Canadian owner Jean-François Roy really knows about each & every bottle he sells – as knows most of the winemakers personally. We wanted to know what it’s like to be in his shoes, running a natural wine shop in Berlin,  so sent him a few questions… Read more


Having perfected their concept of international comfort food from fried chicken burgers & Philly cheesesteaks to Tikka Masala curries & superfood bowls, Muse serve consistently-tasty casual dishes for lunch and dinner. But what most customers might not know is the restaurant is a success story born from the popularity of their previous supperclub! We caught up with co-owner and head chef Caroline Grinsted to find out how she managed to go from amateur homecook to professional restauranteur…

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La Lucha

By far the most progressive Mexican restaurant in Berlin, La Lucha is one of the most talked about places in town – with not only excellent food but what we say is Berlin’s BEST service! We talked to owner Max Paarlberg about how it came to be…

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Pastificio Tosatti

A real gem to find in Berlin, Pastificio Tosatti is unlike any other restaurant in the city – especially as you can watch passionate owner Matteo Tosatti hand roll his excellent pasta from his small shop window, and then eat it in the tiny restaurant of only a few tables. We adore the place and it’s small, refined menu allowing him to focus on quality over quantity – something many Italian restaurants sadly fail to achieve in the city. Read on to find out a little more from his perspective… Read more

Maison Han

We’re big fans of Bahn Mi sandwiches: a delicious Vietnamese baguette featuring a delicate meat, pickled carrots, cucumber, coriander and pate, and no-one makes them better in Berlin than Maison Han! We caught up with restaurant-entrepreneur owner Ngoc Duc Nguyen who is also behind successful ventures Royals & Rice, Han Coffee Roasters, Sons Of Mana and other businesses to find out more about the place.

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Vom Einfachen das Gute

Easily one of the best independent deli’s in Berlin, Vom Einfachen Das Gute is a superb destination to pick up high-quality cheeses and exceptional cured & fresh meats alongside some great value bio-dynamic & natural wines too! We love how they source from small suppliers, most of whom they know personally and are clearly passionate about the quality and craft that goes into each product they sell. We popped a few questions to Manuela Rehn to hear a little more about how it came to be… Read more

Dandy Horse Berlin

Our favourite vintage clothing store, by far, is Dandy Horse Berlin! Located by Kreuzberg’s Görlitzer Park and just off Reichenberger Strasse, the quality of clothes on offer here are not only exceptional, but colourful, cool and fairly priced – especially considering that many of the pieces are by respected designers on in-demand brands! What’s perhaps the icing on the cake, is that it’s run by a super-friendly couple passionate about fashion and always willing to help suggest great pieces in a non-pushy way. Meet Maurizio Erriu & Laura Ter Meer in our interview below… Read more


Wanna know who offers our favourite burrito in Berlin (with an option to have rice & beans exchanged for a lighter quinoa & lentils)? It’s of course Chupenga who have two slick and speedy lunch restaurants based in the more touristic part of town, but don’t let that fool you, the food here is PACKED full of flavour and fresh ingredients, which explains why the restaurants are always packed too! We sent a few questions to owners Anna Vinarsky and Ferdinand von Kalm to learn how it all came to be, and why their fast Mexican food restaurants aren’t that Mexican at all…

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Not just a store featuring an awesome selection of streetwear, but also the number one place in Berlin to get amazing nail art done, ISLA is an exceptional concept space every woman interested in looking great should visit. For those unaware, nail art is so much more impressive than getting your nails done in a standard nail salon – the artists here actually paint highly detailed patterns or pictures onto your nails using Shellac paint, which is both stronger and longer-lasting. Having visited many times, we had to find out a little more from the entrepreneurial owner Charissa Chioccarelli how she created such a brilliant and stylish space… and in such an unusual area too! Read more

The Bird

Having pioneered the ‘better-burger’ scene in Berlin years ago and now famous for their innovative use of English muffins as burger buns, The Bird then opened their new outlet in Mitte, which focused on smoked meats too. Having just moved the smoking to a new space in Prenzlauer Berg and instead keeping this location for awesome steaks & their legendary burgers, we caught up with head chef Michael to hear a little more about the recent changes and why their burgers taste so damn good!

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Serving up by far the BEST INDIAN FOOD in Berlin, Chutnify is leagues ahead of any competition thanks to their approach to food quality, interior design and charming service! Having succeeded in Berlin’s ever-crowded streetfood scene whilst also setting up not one, but two restaurants in Berlin (and now another in Lisbon, Portugal!) which have subsequently got us Berliners absolutely hooked on the South Indian Dosa, we simply had to interview entrepreneurial & quite inspirational owner Aparna Aurora to find out a little more… Read more

Sala da Mangiare

You might have figured out by now that we are huge Italian food fans, and always on the search for the best Italian restaurants in Berlin when we stumbled across Sala da Mangiare in Neukölln and tried their incredible authentic Emilia-Romagna style handmade pasta, our heart skipped a beat. We popped a few questions over to Italian owner Mauro Paglialonga to find out more about his passion for cooking, his choice of ingredients and how pasta differs from region to region in Italy… Read more


Always a great choice for a killer sandwich or brunch plate full of high-quality Italian produce, Barettino is an awesome spot located in Neukölln, just off the always-interesting Weserstrasse. Ideal for an afternoon Spritz or dinner as well, we decided to send a few questions to the owners Djamila and Maria to share a little more with you…

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Paletas Berlin

The original popsicle everyone fell in love with in Berlin since 2012, Paletas continues rocking their iced-refreshments all over town today and seeing their growth from cart to store to distribution throughout other outlets as well has been seriously impressive! We first tried their cucumber-lemon version at a festival and instantly knew it wouldn’t be our last, it was just soooooo refreshing and tasty! Now with their own shop in Friedrichshain, we wanted to find out a little more from co-owner Denise Drenkelfort Read more

Comedy Cafe Berlin

Unlike in London or New York, good stand-up comedy is quite a rarity to be found in Berlin. Thankfully, for those who are after an authentic, genuine small-theatre experience the Comedy Café Berlin in Neukölln, not only has that low-key, friendly atmosphere you just can’t get in big venues but offer a selection of shows in German & English which make them attractive for expats too. Set up by comedian Noah Telson and siblings Nina & Dino Spiri in 2015, the venue doesn’t focus solely on stand-up, but hosts improv shows & comedy workshops too… and even dubs Tatort into English! We caught up with Noah to find out how the venue came to be and what we can expect from the place this year…

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Awesome Berlin

Consistently an amazing source of great places to check out in Berlin,  we’ve been big fans of Awesome Berlin‘s website.. even before we moved to the city! Also boasting an incredible Instagram account bursting with lovely shots each perfectly capturing what makes Berlin so special, the charming man behind the site Tulio Edrera is just as interesting in person as his account suggests! We sent a few questions his way to learn a little more about him…and some tips for you fellow instagrammers to build a large audience too! Read more

The Pit

Okay folks…  we ABSOLUTELY LOVE The Pit! Setup by a real Texan, so passionate about bringing PROPER smoked meat to Berlin that he converted two huge gas tanks into a smoker himself, we spoke to owner Adam Ramirez about how he gets his smoked meat so juicy, the differences of authentic Texas BBQ and his exciting second location that just opened up on Skalitzer Strasse!

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An einem Sonntag im August

Considered almost an institution in Prenzlauer Berg, An Einem Sonntag im August is a casual hangout operating as a cafe and bar… however, in addition to their laid back vibes its their INCREDIBLE veggies burgers that get us really excited every time we’re by Eberswalder Strasse! We popped a few questions to owner Claudia-Maria Humeniuk to find out how the place came to be..

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English Traders

Located in Neukölln’s Schillerkiez, English Traders is a small boutique specialising in practical & well-designed homeware, such as balcony garden kits, quality pocketknives, enamel plates, shaving brushes, traditional razors, colourful tea-towels, fine wrapping paper and much more. Established by British expat &  ex film set-constructor John Masters, the shop is well known in the Schillerkiez , which has seen a lot of development lately. We wanted to get to know more about it all… Read more


Being huge fans of Italy we naturally fell right in love with the Amore store and friendly owner Kerstin Finger, who carefully sources Italian products with exceptional branding & packaging design. Focusing mostly on food produce in the first room, her second room features eccentric umbrellas, quirky beach towels and wonderful tableware. What we adore about the Amore Store is how each of the food products from retro boxed salt & colourful tinned tomatoes to eye-catching pastas & Panettone boxes look soooooo pretty in their packaging, that they’re worth buying if only just to decorate your kitchen with if not to actually enjoy eating! Of course, we had a few questions to learn more! Read more


Prenzlauer Berg’s Bekarei is so much more than a neighborhood bakery, it’s one of the finest in the city! With a heavy Portuguese influence helping them differentiate themselves from elsewhere, and brioche buns in demand from the best burger joints in the city, we wanted to find out more about how husband & wife owners George & Paula Gouveia set it up… Read more


Discovering new speciality coffeeshop HOME in Neukölln was a delight for us, especially because in addition to truly wonderful coffees, passionate owner Sarah Flanigan from New Zealand is serious about her fantastic food. Pretty much everything is completely homemade, from beautiful, crumbly scones & lemon curd to other cakes and regularly changing warm dishes. We popped a few questions over to her to find out a little more… Read more

Nomad Barber

Complete with a full bar and speciality coffee, Nomad Barber is by far the coolest barbershop in town. Not just adding a hangout space to stand out, the team of skilled barbers here really know their stuff, and both the service and style of cut you’ll get is far from what you might find elsewhere in the city. Founded by Miguel Gutierrez and having first set up shop in London’s Shoreditch, what’s also fascinating is his background in travel and his popular barber-travel videography that has gained a loyal following online. We popped a few questions to Nomad Barber’s Ailish Trimble to find out more. Read more

Koko Schultz & Freunde

One of our favourite small shop discoveries in Kreuzberg is Koko Schultz & Freunde , because EVERYTHING there is upcycled, making for intrigue and curiosity, but unlike other objects the whole selection is done in a much more stylish way than what you might see mass-produced on the flea-markets! Wonderful olive oil can furniture, pretty tea-set cake tiers, cool crystal lightshades and unique suitcase coffeetables are just a few items sure to impress, so we really wanted to find out more from creative co-owner Petra Schultz…and who her Freunde are too! Read more


Okay time for a big secret – the best porridge in town is without a doubt definitely found at Haferkater. Believe us, this is more than a concept-cafe… the oats here are incredible! From crunchy nut mixes to soft, fruity delights and of course seasonal varieties all using only superb vegetarian & vegan  ingredients, their creations are gonna change your whole opinion to what a bowl of porridge can be! They’ve got an adorable shack-like cafe in Friedrichshain serving a whole host of loyal admirers sitting either inside or out on the go from their window. We caught up with the three owners, Anna SchubertLevin SiertLeandro Burguete to find out how they make them taste soooooo good… Read more


Located just off Sonnenallee & Weserstrasse, SHIO may seem like another Neukölln fashion shop from the outside… but investigate & venture inside and you’ll discover exactly why this space is so unique. Most of the incredible clothes hung here have actually been creatively upcycled from unwanted garments into stylish and modern designs – which you would likely never guess if you didn’t know!  Run by very talented Australian seamstress Kate Pinkstone alongside three other designers (who showcase their excellent jewellery & objects, streetwear and Japanese stationary there too), this place is really rather special, and being big fans we wanted to discover a little more … 
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As soon as we walked into newly opened, French daytime-bistro Bichou we knew it was love at first sight! Once warmly greeted by passionate friendly owner-couple Marion Coulondre & Thomas Giese, your eyes can’t help but gaze around at the sheer simplistic beauty of the small foodie-haven they’ve created, where they offer a brilliantly-concise menu, with just one hot dish changing weekly – a sign of quality, freshness and making it truly perfect. As for the food, you can always find one of the best quiches of your life, incredible Tarte Tatin, excellent homemade jams and freshly baked breakfast Brioche buns amongst other delights. We sent a few questions to the experienced duo to find out more about the way they work…

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Victoria met Albert

As soon as we walked into Victoria met Albert’s adorable shop in Friedrichshain, we instantly fell in love with it. Bursting with a wide range of carefully chosen items we hadn’t seen elsewhere from home accessories to selected fashion to decorations amongst other delights, it was clear this would be a shop we’d be returning to again and again… and that became even easier on discovering their second store in Prenzlauer Berg!

We wanted to learn a bit more about charming husband & wife owners Will Tomlinson & Ilka Heineke to find out how it all came to be. Read more

Fenster Coffee

We simply adore Fenster Coffee over in the Wrangelkiez of Kreuzberg! Besides their aesthetic, simplistic approach to interior design, their passion for getting the best from every roast they buy is evident just from watching the way they brilliantly work your coffee, whether a flat white or filter coffee – the care & attention they give to each cup is higher than a lot of other speciality coffeeshops in Berlin, and always tastes AMAZING too! We spoke to very coffee-experienced Dutch co-owner Jasper Springeling about the way his coffeeshop works and how it came to be…

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Standard Serious Pizza

We’ve conducted proper pizza research-trips over in Naples and honestly, we know Standard Serious Pizza can easily compete with the very best even over there! Their sourdough is so brilliantly chewy, their imported quality ingredients so flavoursome and their passion for perfection is truly admirable in every possible way. This is mainly due to their excellent and highly-driven owner Florian Schramm who has carefully built up his vision and team to bring PROPER Neapolitan Pizza to Berlin. In all honesty, we wish all restaurants would have the same attitude Standard Serious Pizza has to gastronomy, because it’s very admirable. We popped a few questions over to the young boss to find out more about the way he works… Read more

Süsse Sünde

One of our favourite spots for an amazing scoop of gelato, Süsse Sünde has locations on both Mitte’s Weinbergsweg & Friedrichshain’s Niederbarnimstrasse, as well as at their production kitchen on the outskirts of Berlin in Schöneiche. With vegan sorbets and interesting flavours like pistachio & pumpkinseed oil, elderflower & minted lime and pear & candied walnuts separating them from many others, it’s not surprising there is ALWAYS a queue outside! We spoke to husband & wife owners Hans-Jörg & Kathrin Ritter to learn more about exactly how they’ve accomplished such a brilliant & successful ice cream parlour. Read more

Aunt Benny

One of the very first cafes we first completely fell in love with in Berlin was the marvellous Aunt Benny in Friedrichshain.

Set up by siblings KylaAlexander Boyle, and later joined by Jeremy Caulfield, their ethos has always been about providing top quality comfort food; from delicious breakfasts & lunches to divine cakes & treats…. and now superb drinks too! Read more


The small, stylish boutique Konk has become legendary in the Berlin fashion scene over the past few years for exclusively stocking Berlin-based designers and labels, and their finger is seriously on the pulse of what people want to wear – their range is fantastic! We popped a few questions over to passionate owner Edda Mann to hear about her favourite brands, labels and more…

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Fleischhandlung is firmly established as one of the best meat shops in Berlin (if not all of Germany) to get less mainstream cuts of high quality meat & exceptional imported beef. So naturally, WE LOVE IT! We dropped a few questions via email to manager Gesa Simons & owner Marcus Baumgart  to ask about their excellent meat and the customers that buy it…

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Michelberger Restaurant

The Michelberger Hotel is a hip, Berlin institution with an adjoining restaurant popular not just with staying guests, but to a huge amount of us local Berliners too! From affordable & quick lunches to more refined & elegant dinners, head chef Alan Micks continues to wow the Berlin food scene with his team’s innovative, contemporary dishes always with a strong focus on quality local produce. We borrowed a few minutes of his time to find out a bit more… Read more

No Wodka

NO WÓDKA is a wonderful concept store in Prenzlauer Berg, sourcing incredible products exclusively from Polish designers! We fell in love with it at first sight and wanted to know what inspired passionate owner Aleksandra Kozlowska to set it up.. Read more


Kaschk is a regular destination for us, whether for a great coffee break or a night out tasting some amazing craft beer – most of which come from Scandinavia and therefore are rare to find here in Berlin!

What surprised us even more on our first visit though are the two HUGE Shuffleboards downstairs, which are great fun for groups on a night out. We spoke with awesome manager Katrine Finsand to find out a bit more about what makes Kaschk different to other bars… Read more

Goldhahn & Sampson

A foodies’ paradise in every sense of the word, Goldhahn & Sampson in Prenzlauer Berg (and now Charlottenburg too!) is not only a specialist food store sourcing fine international produce, quality cookbooks and fine wines, but an incredible space for a whole range of unique cooking lessons as well as a superb cafe to meet like-minded folk too. We were thrilled to be able to find out a bit more about this exceptional and very respected Berlin food business directly from the owners Sascha Rimkus & Andreas Klöckner themselves… Read more

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