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Okay time for a big secret – the best porridge in town is without a doubt definitely found at Haferkater. Believe us, this is more than a concept-cafe… the oats here are incredible! From crunchy nut mixes to soft, fruity delights and of course seasonal varieties all using only superb vegetarian & vegan  ingredients, their creations are gonna change your whole opinion to what a bowl of porridge can be! They’ve got an adorable shack-like cafe in Friedrichshain serving a whole host of loyal admirers sitting either inside or out on the go from their window. We caught up with the three owners, Anna SchubertLevin SiertLeandro Burguete to find out how they make them taste soooooo good…

We absolutely ADORE your porridge – it’s the best ever! Tell us how you make it so yummy?

We make our porridge in the Scottish tradition, which means we cook it only with water – no milk or sugar added. Another key to our porridge is that we grind our oats freshly in an oat grinder every day. This ensures that they obtain as much nutrients as possible. It also makes the texture extra creamy.

After grinding, we briefly roast the oats, before cooking them with filtered water and a little bit of salt. In the end, we put lots of delicious, high-quality toppings on top.

But I think the main key to our great porridge lies in our experience – we have cooked tons of oats in every possible way to achieve the highest possible quality for our customers

(c) Solène Roussel

(c) Solène Roussel

You currently have a small space in Friedrichshain with a window to the street – does most of your business come from people grabbing a porridge on the go to take with them?

It’s pretty fairly split between people grabbing a porridge on the way to the office, uni, or to eat at home, and those who take their time to sit down in the afternoon and relax in our interior room.

(c) Uwe Schubert

(c) Haferkater

What were you doing before setting up Haferkater?

Before starting, we were studying music, literature and law – sometimes more, sometimes less – in France and Berlin.

… So what made you decide to start the business?

We noticed that the range of organic, regional, vegan breakfast offers in Berlin wasn’t good at all, despite there being a huge demand for it. And we decided to change that.

(c) Solène Roussel

Last year you had a successful pop-up in Berlin’s Hauptbahnhof station. How did that opportunity come about?

We participated in the DB’s Accelerator program and got the opportunity to open up our pop-up in Hauptbahnhof, which was a really great experience, and people loved it!

And we now hear you have set up shop there permanently??! 🙂

Yes, we’re here to stay! The commuters NEEEEEED Haferkater… after all ☺

(c) Solène Roussel

(c) Solène Roussel

We’re big fans of food photography… and must say yours is exceptional! 

Thank you! The mouth-watering photos that you can admire on our social media are done by our amazingly talented coworker Solène.

It’s really important for us to show that porridge isn’t just healthy, but that it can also be very beautiful!

(c) Solène Roussel

(c) Solène Roussel

It’s getting colder now, how does this affect the demand for porridge and your menu?

As the days are quite cold and dark at the moment, a lot of people are happy to treat themselves to a bowl of creamy, warming porridge. Paired with a cup of great coffee, tea or homemade hot chocolate it’s the perfect meal to warm body and soul.

(c) Solène Roussel

What was the hardest or most-unexpected element in setting up the business?

Setting up the whole structure of HAFERKATER was a lot to familiarize ourselves with in a short amount of time – it had all happened kind of spontaneously. Before we built our interior room, the winter also gave us a hard time..

(c) Solène Roussel

What advice would you give to those interested in setting up a cafe in Berlin?

Like any other business, setting up a cafe brings a lot of challenges.

It’s important to have a positive attitude and keep going, even when at first things aren’t going like you thought they would.

(c) Solène Roussel

Where do you all like to eat, drink and relax in the city?

We like to have a coffee at Happy Baristas, it’s just around the corner from us and there is always such a wonderful warm atmosphere in there.

A nice place for the evening is Das Hotel in Neukölln.

For relaxing, we love to escape from Berlin city life in the Botanical Garden.

Complete the following sentence: “For us, Berlin is …”

…way too cold right now.

Next time you find yourself hungry in Friedrichshain or near Hauptbahnhof, do make sure to go to Haferkater and try their incredible porridge! One bite and you will instantely want more!


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