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Roberta Kocht

One of our favourite home-style restaurants in Mitte, Roberta Kocht features chef Petra Kowalenko cooking her South German / Austrian cuisine passionately for each & every guest herself! Open just three days a week, being able to see Petra put some much love into your dish from the open kitchen feels like an incredibly personal experience. We caught Petra on a break to ask her some super quick questions here…

Roberta Kocht Petra

Your restaurant is particularly special because every single dish is made by you yourself – how do you manage this every night when you’re open and what help do you have to get through it easier?

Sharp knives, good music and a lot of passion!

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Your delicious South German/ Austrian menu is brilliantely concise. What are your regular’s favourite dishes?

Definitely my classic Austrian goulash, served with either bread dumplings or butter fried spaetzle.

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roberta kocht Berlin

You cook at ‘Roberta Kocht’ three nights a week. What do you do when you’re not at the restaurant?

I prepare food for catering, I read a lot about food, I sometimes teach cooking classes and I’,m also working on my own cooking book.

Where did you learn to cook and what is your cooking ethos?

 I’m a self-taught chef, but watching my South German grandmother cooking  as a child has helped me a lot.

 The most important things in cooking for me are time and joy. Beside this I keep it very simple and use only basic and mainly regional ingredients.

roberta kocht

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One of the many things we love about ‘Roberta Kocht’ is the fact that we can watch you cooking through your open kitchen and witness the genuine warmth you offer your guests when you find a few moments inbetween dishes. How important is your setting in the whole “Roberta Kocht”-dining experience?

For me this is the only possible way to run a restaurant. I want to make my guests feel like home and through this method make the evening unique for them.

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When not busy cooking yourself, where do you like to eat in Berlin?

At my boyfriends table.

Finish the following line: “For me, Berlin is…”

 ….where the heart is!

Eating at Roberta Kocht is a wonderful, unique and affordable experience you need to discover for yourself!

Check out their website or Facebook and let us know what you think to this lovely homestyled-food gem in the neighbourhood!

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