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St Mauli

Located in Friedrichshain, St Mauli is in our opinion one of the best new eateries in Berlin serving their truly excellent Maultaschen in a slick, cool interior with DJs often found spinning awesome tunes there too! We absolutely love everything from the design to the music to (of course!) the incredible food! The concept, vision and business was set up by passionate owner Nico Bulla, and we were keen to find out a bit more…

St Mauli Nico

Did you decide to open a place and then Maultaschen became the
speciality… or decide to build a business around Maultaschen from the start?

Well, first I had the idea of the brand St. Mauli Maultaschen. In 2012 I hosted my
first street food markets in the south of Germany at skate contests and small
markets, but the idea to open a place only for Maultaschen was there from the

st mauli food© Jennifer Bulla   http://bullahuth.de 

What made you decide to open up in Friedrichshain over other Berlin areas?
Before opening, I looked around for places in Kreuzberg and Friedrichshain because I liked both areas and used to live in Kreuzberg. I found these areas the most attractive areas for a place like St. Mauli, and my older sister luckily found our final choice by chance because she lives around the corner.

st mauli restaurant© Jennifer Bulla   http://bullahuth.de

What were the biggest challenges you faced in setting up St. Mauli?
I never had any experiences working in a restaurant or anything similar. So it was
the most difficult thing to find the routine in the kitchen and how to work
efficiently. My super power used to be spinning records and not cooking…. but now it’s
both 🙂

What advice would you give to those interested in setting up a restaurant or
bar in Berlin?

It’s ten times harder than you think! And there will be a lot of unexpected things
after opening. But you can only find them out once you do – so prepare well and just go for it.

St.Mauli © Jennifer Bulla   http://bullahuth.de

Music plays a huge part of the awesome environment enjoyed at St. Mauli.
Which three artists would you say have been played the most?

Most of the times we like to listen to the Mix-Tapes of our friends on Soundcloud.

The top three Mixes are:
1. Gschmeackle-Butterseele
2. Axel Boman – Unhappiness Is Over
3. Soulix – Sundays

What’s the secret to creating a perfect Maultasche?
Good ingredients, love & home made dough!

st mauli maultaschen © Jennifer Bulla   http://bullahuth.de

Where do you like to eat and drink in Berlin when not at St. Mauli?
I love the bagels at Fine Bagels in Warschauer Straße and for sipping nice
drinks I like to go to Bourbon Dogs in Kreuzberg.

Any exciting plans, events or developments we can expect this year?
The next big thing will be our Food Area in Berlin Mitte at the Garnier-Pop-Up-
Store in February. And we’re looking forward to a lot of outdoor events and
Festivals this summer.

st mauli event© Filiz Dubois

St Mauli event 2© Filiz Dubois

Complete the following sentence, “For me, Berlin is…”
“…too cold at the moment 🙂 “

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