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Standard Serious Pizza

We’ve conducted proper pizza research-trips over in Naples and honestly, we know Standard Serious Pizza can easily compete with the very best even over there! Their sourdough is so brilliantly chewy, their imported quality ingredients so flavoursome and their passion for perfection is truly admirable in every possible way. This is mainly due to their excellent and highly-driven owner Florian Schramm who has carefully built up his vision and team to bring PROPER Neapolitan Pizza to Berlin. In all honesty, we wish all restaurants would have the same attitude Standard Serious Pizza has to gastronomy, because it’s very admirable. We popped a few questions over to the young boss to find out more about the way he works…


You are passionate about quality & authenticity, especially in your ingredients. Tell us about how you get your produce and what makes them so special?

As we produce Neapolitan pizza under the strict guideline of authenticity, the main products that build the pizza have to come south of Italy – Campania or Naples region.

I’m talking about flour, tomato sauce, fior di latte cheese as well as the classic mozzarella di bufala di Campania DOP and oil, which are building the base structure of Neapolitan pizza. Furthermore, as we follow the traditions of Neapolitan pizza places, even most of our other products besides these we are using are sourced in Naples.


Standard Serious Pizza berlin

Best Neapolitan Pizza Berlin

You imported a serious pizza oven from Naples. How long does it take to cook a pizza in it? 

The pizza cooks for around 60-90 seconds at 450-500 degrees Celsius.

Standard Serious Pizza

Standard Serious Pizza

Neapolitan pizza is still a new type of pizza for many in Berlin. What struggles did you have when you first opened?

People were expecting a crispy pizza as this is what they were eating here for many years, so for many who never had Neapolitan pizza before, it was a challenging experience.

For the first months we did a lot of explanation work, because some even thought the dough might be undercooked!

standard pizza berlin

What’s the secret to a perfect Neapolitan pizza?

The combination of high quality products, the dough, the oven, the pizza maker, and of course passion.

How closely involved are you with your excellent Pizzaiolo in the food aspect of the business? 

Running a restaurant is not a single man´s business, so we are all happy to be involved to discuss and develop new ideas every day for our clients and customers – yet always focussing on the Neapolitan pizza tradition.


Standard Serious Pizza


If you could only eat one type of Standard Serious Pizza on a dessert island, which one would it be?

Of course the Margherita is a classic and unbeatable, but we have developed some really nice white pizzas, that I would definitely go for on that desert island.

What did you do before setting up Standard Serious Pizza?

I graduated art school, worked some years freelance and then switched to gastronomy.

Standard Serious Neapolitan Pizza

What is the hardest thing about owning a restaurant?

The hardest thing about owning a restaurant is also at the same time the most beautiful thing – it´s the employees and forming up a great team.

The restaurant is very popular now. Where would you like to see Standard Serious Pizza in 2 years time? 

I think one should never forget to enjoy the moment, when something works out and not have oneself too much in the future -because most of the things just happen without any planning needed.

But, at the same time we are full of ideas and totally forward-thinking, and ya, why not opening a second one?!


Florian Schramm Standard Pizza

What advice would you give to someone thinking of opening a restaurant?

It´s not a romantic business at all, be prepared for hard work and a lot of extra costs that you would never have thought of.

Where do you yourself like to eat, drink and play in Berlin?

It´s actually two winebars that are on top of my list for this: Cordobar and Briefmarken Weine, as well as Pauly Saal as always a good option for serious dining.

Complete the following sentence ‘For me, Berlin is…”

“…on the way of losing its innocence, slowly growing up and becoming a major player”

If you haven’t yet been to Standard, we imagine the pizza pics here will alone be enough to convince you to get down there ASAP. Seriously folks, this place is AMAZING !

Standard Pizza

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