Sometimes we don’t want a speciality cocktail or cool natural wine, but simply a great atmosphere with some tasty, affordable beers in a charming interior – and Zosse is exactly the place for that! Located in a former Blacksmith / Farrier’s workshop in Rixdorf and lovingly restored to keep its historic features, this bar will steal your heart with its real cosiness. We sent owner Paul Seifert some questions about how he restored it.

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Geist im Glas

It’s not often a dimly-lit bar can also become super-popular for weekend brunches too, but that’s exactly what Geist Im Glas have achieved – with a cult following swarming on them to devour the huevos rancheros and the fluffiest pancakes in town, all washed down with Mimosas, Bloody Mary’s and other morning drinks. We popped a few questions to British owner Aishah Bennett to learn about how she managed to pull off this winning combo.

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Küche Bar

It’s instantly clear from the moment you enter Küche Bar that this is a cocktail space completely different from the rest in Berlin. It essentially flips the dark-walled, dimly lit & smoky Berlin cocktail scene on its head, instead dressed like a beautiful white-tiled kitchen with pots and pans to keep your eyes focused when not admiring your drink. Likewise with their menu: each drink comes with its very own food pairing and is also laid out exactly like a restaurant menu – dividing their drinks into starters, mains, desserts and more. It’s all very unique, and the concept stems from the imagination of owner Nina Zilvar, who we asked a few questions in order to find out more… Read more

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