Quickly becoming a prime location for food innovators and futurists to discuss and explore the future of sustainable food culture, by day HERMANN’S is an all-day restaurant & cafe with a visionary difference, and by night a stylish event space for food-related events, panels and discussions. Not only are the lunches there absolutely delicious, but the highly-talented kitchen staff (and indeed whole team!) are very sustainable in their approach. We sent inspiring founders Verena Bahlsen and Laura Jaspers a few questions to learn more about what HERMANN’S vision is all about… Read more

To Beef or Not to Beef

One of the most exciting restaurants for meat in the city, To Beef or Not To Beef have a strong Italian ethic, most famously for being one of a few restaurants worldwide to offer famed 8th generation Tuscan butcher Dario Cecchini’s legendary beef. This is the place to try the Bistecca alla Fiorentina, a traditionally Tuscan, large T-bone cut finished with olive oil! We asked restaurant owner Giacomo Mannucci a few questions about his restaurant and philosophy.

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Maison Han

We’re big fans of Bahn Mi sandwiches: a delicious Vietnamese baguette featuring a delicate meat, pickled carrots, cucumber, coriander and pate, and no-one makes them better in Berlin than Maison Han! We caught up with restaurant-entrepreneur owner Ngoc Duc Nguyen who is also behind successful ventures Royals & Rice, Han Coffee Roasters, Sons Of Mana and other businesses to find out more about the place.

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Wanna know who offers our favourite burrito in Berlin (with an option to have rice & beans exchanged for a lighter quinoa & lentils)? It’s of course Chupenga who have two slick and speedy lunch restaurants based in the more touristic part of town, but don’t let that fool you, the food here is PACKED full of flavour and fresh ingredients, which explains why the restaurants are always packed too! We sent a few questions to owners Anna Vinarsky and Ferdinand von Kalm to learn how it all came to be, and why their fast Mexican food restaurants aren’t that Mexican at all…

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The Bird

Having pioneered the ‘better-burger’ scene in Berlin years ago and now famous for their innovative use of English muffins as burger buns, The Bird then opened their new outlet in Mitte, which focused on smoked meats too. Having just moved the smoking to a new space in Prenzlauer Berg and instead keeping this location for awesome steaks & their legendary burgers, we caught up with head chef Michael to hear a little more about the recent changes and why their burgers taste so damn good!

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Serving up by far the BEST INDIAN FOOD in Berlin, Chutnify is leagues ahead of any competition thanks to their approach to food quality, interior design and charming service! Having succeeded in Berlin’s ever-crowded streetfood scene whilst also setting up not one, but two restaurants in Berlin (and now another in Lisbon, Portugal!) which have subsequently got us Berliners absolutely hooked on the South Indian Dosa, we simply had to interview entrepreneurial & quite inspirational owner Aparna Aurora to find out a little more… Read more

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