Rocket Wine

By far our favourite wineshop in Mitte, Rocket Wine specialises in low-intervention / natural wines, and as an importer to some of Berlin’s best bars and restaurants too, French-Canadian owner Jean-François Roy really knows about each & every bottle he sells – as knows most of the winemakers personally. We wanted to know what it’s like to be in his shoes, running a natural wine shop in Berlin,  so sent him a few questions… Read more

Pastificio Tosatti

A real gem to find in Berlin, Pastificio Tosatti is unlike any other restaurant in the city – especially as you can watch passionate owner Matteo Tosatti hand roll his excellent pasta from his small shop window, and then eat it in the tiny restaurant of only a few tables. We adore the place and it’s small, refined menu allowing him to focus on quality over quantity – something many Italian restaurants sadly fail to achieve in the city. Read on to find out a little more from his perspective… Read more

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