Briefmarken Weine

Briefmarken Weine is one of our favourite winebars, because being set in a former DDR postage stamp shop it’s so romantic and charming inside! Staff are friendly and they stock excellent Italian wine, including some tasty natural wines too! In the summer you can watch the sun go down on the beautiful Karl-Marx-Allee promenade. We asked manager & sommelier Michele Scarcella a few things about the place.. Read more

Rocket Wine

By far our favourite wineshop in Mitte, Rocket Wine specialises in low-intervention / natural wines, and as an importer to some of Berlin’s best bars and restaurants too, French-Canadian owner Jean-François Roy really knows about each & every bottle he sells – as knows most of the winemakers personally. We wanted to know what it’s like to be in his shoes, running a natural wine shop in Berlin,  so sent him a few questions… Read more

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