To Beef or Not to Beef

One of the most exciting restaurants for meat in the city, To Beef or Not To Beef have a strong Italian ethic, most famously for being one of a few restaurants worldwide to offer famed 8th generation Tuscan butcher Dario Cecchini’s legendary beef. This is the place to try the Bistecca alla Fiorentina, a traditionally Tuscan, large T-bone cut finished with olive oil! We asked restaurant owner Giacomo Mannucci a few questions about his restaurant and philosophy.

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Rocket Wine

By far our favourite wineshop in Mitte, Rocket Wine specialises in low-intervention / natural wines, and as an importer to some of Berlin’s best bars and restaurants too, French-Canadian owner Jean-François Roy really knows about each & every bottle he sells – as knows most of the winemakers personally. We wanted to know what it’s like to be in his shoes, running a natural wine shop in Berlin,  so sent him a few questions… Read more


Having perfected their concept of international comfort food from fried chicken burgers & Philly cheesesteaks to Tikka Masala curries & superfood bowls, Muse serve consistently-tasty casual dishes for lunch and dinner. But what most customers might not know is the restaurant is a success story born from the popularity of their previous supperclub! We caught up with co-owner and head chef Caroline Grinsted to find out how she managed to go from amateur homecook to professional restauranteur…

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Not just a store featuring an awesome selection of streetwear, but also the number one place in Berlin to get amazing nail art done, ISLA is an exceptional concept space every woman interested in looking great should visit. For those unaware, nail art is so much more impressive than getting your nails done in a standard nail salon – the artists here actually paint highly detailed patterns or pictures onto your nails using Shellac paint, which is both stronger and longer-lasting. Having visited many times, we had to find out a little more from the entrepreneurial owner Charissa Chioccarelli how she created such a brilliant and stylish space… and in such an unusual area too! Read more

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