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The Bird

Having pioneered the ‘better-burger’ scene in Berlin years ago and now famous for their innovative use of English muffins as burger buns, The Bird then opened their new outlet in Mitte, which focused on smoked meats too. Having just moved the smoking to a new space in Prenzlauer Berg and instead keeping this location for awesome steaks & their legendary burgers, we caught up with head chef Michael to hear a little more about the recent changes and why their burgers taste so damn good!

We’re huge fans of your burgers and use of English muffins for buns – how did this decision to use them come about?

Well one of the reasons is that back when we first started the options for good burger buns in Berlin was really, really poor!

But it also came down to how we prefer the meat-to-bread ratio, which we and our regulars feel is better with more meat.

These days there are plenty more bread options and bakeries that offer nice buns, what we’ve stuck with what works best for us, and our customers love it too!


What’s the secret to why your burgers taste so damn good?

Honestly, it comes down to simply putting lots of love into each burger!

This involves choosing the best cuts of meat to form our patties with the ideal meat/fat balance and cooking them to perfection.

The bread-to-meat ratio is also important as mentioned above, as we don’t want a burger that’s too heavy on the bread side.

We think they’re perfect and a burger shouldn’t be too neat, but for some they could be deemed too messy – was this a barrier to get past when you launched?

Yes until we got quite known for this style of burger it was a challenge for a few customers to accept and understand – especially as it’s unusual in Germany to have a burger like ours.

A burger shouldn’t be something neat – it should be gooey, delicious and a comforting hunk of meat in your hands. But as any restaurant owner will agree – you can’t please everyone.

What about people eating burgers with knives and forks hey? Pfffft

Hah! I know right?!?

Well … wait till you see people eating chicken wings with knife & fork .. that tops it all !

You recently changed your smoked meat operation to Prenzlauer Berg’s Oderbergerstrasse – tell us about the new place?

Yeah, we wanted a place to focus solely on BBQ, and so our new place called The Bird Barbeque is at Oderbergerstrasse 61. Here, we’re offering authentic American BBQ with a wide beer selection.
If you like smoked meat and cold beer, then we’re sure this will be your kind of joint – come by and say hello!

What about your steaks – what cuts are you offering and what makes you different to other steakhouses? 

Our steaks taste great, especially as we are only using top quality USDA prime beef – mostly corn & grain fed Black Angus beef from Creekstone Farms.

Whilst we offer classic cuts like Ribeyes and Fillets, we’re also serving lesser known but often more delicious cuts like whole Tri-Tips to share, Bavettes and even grilled beef ribs which taste incredible! It’s a work in progress at the moment, so we’re rotating steaks as we go along

And for us amateur cooks, what tips do you have to cook a great steak at home?

Don’t cook at home – come to The Bird! 😉

If you HAVE to cook at home, hehe, make sure to season heavily, always use a ripping hot pan to get a good sear on the steak and most importantly – always let the meat rest after cooking!

What advice would you give to someone thinking of starting of a restaurant in Berlin?

Be sure that you love what you do before you dive right in, as you have to love it – otherwise you’ll end up really hating it.

….And then get a very good tax accountant and a lawyer.

To sum up why you love the city, please finish the following sentence “For me, Berlin is…”

It may sound simple to say why I love it, but for me Berlin is home.


If you’re a fan of deliciously messy burgers and awesome steaks, be sure to head to The Bird in Mitte soon, and if you’re a BBQ fan, their new place in Prenzlauer Berg’s Oderberger Strasse is open from 2018!

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